My favourite things – October 2017

  1. iDoceo for iPad. I’ve tried lots of apps for educators but nothing has the potential to enhance my productivity, keep me better organised and improve the quality appiconof feedback like iDoceo. Yes it is a little expensive but well worth the investment.
    It works seamlessly with Google Classroom making importing classes simple. So far for me the best feature is adding photos of work to the markbook, for reference in whole class feedback and for future reference when it comes to report writing time.
    Once I am a little more familiar with all of the features I intend to do a more informative blog post on iDoceo. Watch this space.
  2. The Craig Barton Podcast. I’m a little late finding these but if you’ve not listened to Craig interview some of the leading figures in education podcastmrb.jpgthen I suggest you give it a try. The podcasts with Kris Boulton are packed with enough good stuff to make any reflective teacher question their own practice.
  3. The Michaela School Podcast. This is a relative newcomer on the podcast scene and considerably shorter in length than Craig’s. Perfect for the short drive to work. I find the Michaela School of considerable interest and the podcast offers an insight into some of their core values.


  4. Ozark. When a little light relief is needed I’d recommend this TV series directed by and starring Jason Bateman of Arrested Development fame. There’s a not a lot of maths in there but if you enjoyed Breaking Bad, this will be right up your street.